I loved you. Still, you broke me.

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Distance can tear your relationship apart.

It makes you think of something impossible for your boyfriend to do.

Distance can break your trust. It makes me feel angry, longing and anguish but I do know that love can do impossible things. This distance makes me grow. It helps me learn and accept things I can’t hold even if I want to.

I want you to know that I didn’t regret anything. I had loved you, alright? I tried so hard for this to work put but seems like cupid doesn’t want us to be match. I loved you even if we only spend limited number of days for the past twenty-six months because of this distance.

But hey, look at the brighter side we made it through wonderful months even if cellphones and social media’s is all we’ve got but sadly this has to an end. I love you in every part of me but this love is too suffocating.

I had loved you too much that I forgot to value myself anymore. I need a break.

We’re always hurting each other. I know that we loved each other so much but that’s the damn consequence we always fought almost everyday like it’s a routine.

I’m tired in all of this. I love you, baby. I don’t know what the future holds but I do hope that you’ll be a part of mine soon.

Bye. All love.

Sincerely not-yours-anymore,

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