I’m No Longer that Girl, Thanks to You

No Longer that Girl

by JulNeverfade

I’m no longer that girl, you used to call your everything.

That girl who always chase you like chasing the most precious gem. That girl who always wanted you over and over and over.

That girl who always listened, cried with you, waited for your texts and calls and sweet thoughts. That girl whom you had promised that you will never take for granted. That girl who always has been your loyal fan when everything else has been shattered.

That girl who became your best friend, confidant and trusted one. That girl who always cheered you up when you felt down and became sad. That girl you have hurt but still chose you over her friends’ advice.

That girl who always inspires you to do your best even if you don’t believe in yourself. That girl who always annoyed you when you’re mad and changed your mood. That girl whom you called a nagger but only wanted the best for you.

That girl whom you didn’t trust that she can be the girl you truly deserved. That girl who isn’t perfect but willing to dive and risk just to be with you. That girl you risked just to be with someone else. That girl who never got tired of your selfish reasons.

Thank you, because I’m no longer that Girl.

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