When I’m not fine at all

by Fynah Venesse | shared on He Said, She Said |

I envy how things go well with you,
When I was craving for your attention.
I envy how you enjoy the music,
When the lyrics were slowly killing me.
I envy how you spend your day to feed your entertainment,
When I was clueless why you’re not reading my messages.
I envy how you hate it when your grandma nags,
When I don’t even had one to cook breakfast for us.
I envy how you hate poems,
When all I did was to support you and all your infatuations.
I envy how you proudly say that poems sucks,
When you know I’m a fan and it’s all I love.
I envy how it’s easy for you to neglect and spit on things I love,
When all I did was to learn to love the things you love.
I envy how can you not see it in my eyes,
When at just a glance I can see your naked soul.
I envy how can you just stay fine,
When I can sense even the slightest change at the tone of your voice.
I envy how you sleep tight at night,
When I was wide awake cause you’re my 3am thoughts.

I envy how can you stay fine,
When I’m not fine at all.

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