I’m not that girl

by Jennilyn Padua | shared on He Said, She Said |

I’m sorry I’m not that girl you longed for
I’m not the damsel in distress you wished to fight for
I’m not made of sugar, spice and everything nice
I’m not that innocent lady with sparkling eyes.

I’m sorry I’m not the girl you dreamed of
With all the glory and all pure white snow
I’m not that fairy tale princess with flowing hair
Where you can find waiting for you inside the dragon’s lair.

I’m sorry I’m not the girl I prayed to be me
That dreamy girl everyone thinks is lovely
I’m not a girl you can flaunt where everyone can see
A girl with infectious smile and wondrous beauty.

I’m sorry because I’m just a simple girl
An ordinary specie with unkempt, unruly hair
My eyes don’t sparkle, but are hidden behind glasses
Where no one can notice all these sadness.

I’m sorry that I’d never steal anybody’s glance
Because I prefer to blend and keep a distance
I’m sorry that I can’t fool anyone
With painted colors on my face and a crown.

I’m sorry that I’m a bit complicated
That my old soul is a bit outdated
That I prefer long late night drive and a date beneath the stars
That I’ve learned how to mend my own scars.

I’m sorry that I don’t depend that much
I’m not a girl who needs protecting and such
I’m sorry that I’ve learned to be strong all these years
That I’ve lived through every failure, every tear.

I’m sorry that I’m a mystery, a hard shell to crack
That I don’t need anyone to put my pieces back
I’m sorry that I’m not fragile, not breakable
Because through all the heartaches, I’ve learned to be invincible.

I’m sorry that I don’t need your promises
That I can’t be fooled by petty pretenses
That I am strong soul forged with dignity
That I’ve learned to love myself truthfully.

But if I must, it would be wonderful
To have someone to call me beautiful
I may not need a strong man with medals and trophies
But it would be good to have someone, just someone with me.

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