I’ve Finally Moved On

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Was it too fast? Or is it just right that I have finally moved on?

People will think it’s too fast that I’ve already moved on because I finally met someone who’s willing to make me laugh. But true friends will say they’re glad they’re seeing the smile that once I’ve lost because of the wrong person I loved.

Heartbreaks happen for a reason. He took away the wrong people in our lives to replace it with the right ones. God has plans. God let it happened because He has something for us. Something that will make us really happy. Something that we deserve.

It’s really true that if someone left you, someone will take his/her place in your life. Someone who’s willing to give you the love you deserve. Someone who will bring back the smile in your face. Someone who will give you so much reasons to smile and to be happy. Someone who would always want to hold your hands. Someone who wants to be with you in every adventures you want to do. Someone who appreciates every bits of you. Someone you’re comfortable in just being yourself. Someone who sincerely cares about you. Someone who will take away your fears. Someone who’s willing to wait for you until you are whole again and ready to give love another chance. Someone who will always be there for you in even though you never asked for them.

One thing I’ve learned is that, not everyone you lose is a loss. Never waste your time again with the wrong person. Give yourself a chance to be happy. Meet new people and let the real ones enter your life. Never depend your happiness to what people will say. Don’t stop yourself from falling in love with the right person. Because God gave him/her to help you pick up the pieces of your heart and bring back the joy in your heart.

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