I’ve moved on

by JKM | shared on He Said, She Said |

Being with you always makes me happy,
I thought you’re already the one for me.
But all of that fell apart suddenly,
When you told me you’re breaking up with me.
You left my heart teared apart and broken,
My smiles faded away all of a sudden.
I learned to reject, my heart’s been hardened,
Many problems came and you left me burdened.
Your very rude heart was as hard as steel,
I thought all things that you told me was real.
Waiting for the the time, pain in my heart heal,
Until I forget all that I feel.
Choosing you was my biggest mistake,
Loving you became my greatest heartbreak.
I will stay late at night, wide awake,
Waiting for the person who’ll heal my heartache.
I’m so lucky to have friends to cry on,
When you are not there to correct the wrongs.
There will be the time I’ll still be holding on,
And I’ll be proud to tell you I’VE MOVED ON.

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