My Hardest Goodbye

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This is for the boy who left me without any warning.

It’s been what? Weeks?

No, it’s been months since you decided to walk away in my life and yes. I must admit, I must admit that I can still feel the pain of your lost. I’m still trying to forget our memories and I’m still in the process of moving on and starting my life, my new life without you.

Maybe I’ll start a new year, a new life without you and maybe it will be hard for me to go on. But I guess, I need to be independent. I need to be strong not only for myself but also for all the people who are still there for me, the people who never left me when you did and for the new amazing people that i met when I was still crying over you.

Maybe I’m just one of your million mission. Maybe you left me because you want me to be an independent human being even if you’re not around anymore or maybe you want me to appreciate other things around me or other people that surrounds me rather than to be attached with your presence. And maybe I’ll just keep thinking it that way, that no matter how much it hurts, no matter how painful it is and no matter how deep it was.

There’s always a good reason for all of that. That no matter how hard the lesson that you taught to me. I know at the end of the day, I would always learn from those lessons. So I guess, there’s no reason to curse you because you’re still a part of this story, a big part.

So, no matter how devastated I am because you left me hanging and no matter how painful your page to remember. It will always be my favorite page to read again.

So right now, I’ll keep this story going ’cause I know that’s how it’s gonna be.

You’re one of my hardest hellos and I never expected that you will also be my hardest goodbye.

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