An open letter to my ex

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If I had written this a month ago, I would have started it with a “F*CK YOU” but Christmas has a way of making me a kinder version of myself so let me start this with a…


Thank you for all the tears that you made me cry because I realized that I needed that to make room for all the happiness that you have taken away from me.

For choosing her instead of me. I could never let go of us because of pride. I can’t stand the fact that I lost so thank you for choosing her and making me lose such a petty fight. FYI, I fought for my ego not for you. Harsh as it may sound I am guilty of something, when we “almost” got back together, I wanted to end it as soon as it started but I couldn’t because I didn’t want people to say that it’s me who gave up yet again. I didn’t want to stop seeing you cause I liked the feeling of winning and proving to myself that I can still have you. However, karma had a way of slapping me in the face. Every day that we spent together felt empty and tiresome. I wanted it all to end quickly. So again, thank you for choosing her cause by doing that, you saved me from YOU.

Thank you for giving me the best lesson that I had to learn the hard way. “Never judge a book by its cover” I should have known that you’re not worthy of trust when you first cheated on me with a friend while we were just dating but I looked the other way and put my faith in you only to be betrayed by another friend. I will carry this lesson in my heart everytime I’ll meet someone new. I’ll be more cautious and protective of my heart. I will not go blind when someone disrespects me by cheating and call it as it is. Just so you know, you are a book that I never want to read again.

Thank you for bringing me closer to my mom. The night that I saw both of you in person, I couldn’t contain the anger and pain so when I got home, I cried in my mother’s arms. It’s been years since I last cried in front of my mom and the first time that the reason is my love problem. Since then, I have regained the relationship that I lost many years ago so thank you.

Thank you for showing me my worth by treating me as if I’m worthless. I always thought that I’d love you forever, that I will never be able to let you go but I was wrong. I have learned to unlove you by loving myself. I have learned to let you go by holding on to the people that really cared. Your face is now a blur in my mind to be h0qonest. It scared me at first because I’m not the type to forget that fast but I guess my heart started to grow tired of hurting for someone who’s unworthy of it.

Thank you for giving me back my freedom. I owe this joy that I have now, to you. If you didn’t walk out on me, I would have never been happy again. I would have stayed with you and think that what we had is love. Thank you for teaching me what the real meaning of love is when you left me alone on the day of my birthday. Love is not being left alone on your special day and again I had to learn the lesson the hard way.

I won’t lie and say that the past month wasn’t hard. If I’m being honest, I thought I was gonna die from the pain and anger. I thought I won’t be able to find myself again. But life has a way of rewarding those who have been mistreated by fate which brings me to my last thank you…

Thank you for walking away and giving me the chance to meet her.

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