Painful Faith

by Jc Cuales |

A scar in my heart.
Remember the days of peevishness.
Forget the humble moments of happiness.
Turn the laughter into tears.

Despair I felt blinded my sight.
Deafen my perception.
Numbed my heart.
And caused my faith to stray.

I look in the mirror,
All I can see is reflection.
I look to the door,
All I can see is a path, no direction.

As I watch the sunset and sunrise in the sky,
I asked God some questions and hoping for an answer.
Why I can’t forgive and forget?
Should I go far or stay near?

One day, He whispers me a simple answer.
You must experience bad to know good.
You must love me, yourself, and everyone.
And you must go back to the beginning.

To look forward, not think of the past.
Forget hatred and sadness a ghost of the past.
Smile, look forward to a new day.
Start shining in your own special way.

Then I realize, He is the only one that will never judge me.
I was never been alone, God has always been there for me.
I must persevere in all the things I should embrace.
God assures, in God’s time everything will fall into place.

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