Reasons to Start Acknowledging Your Pain

Acknowledging Your Pain
Source: | by Aya | We have all been through painful situations in life. Some people have successfully overcome their pain while others are still in the process. Here are some reasons to start acknowledging your pain:

1. It is a significant step in moving on.

Denial of the cause of your pain is said to be the initial stage of moving forward, yet the most significant thing to do is accepting the reality of your heartbreak. You need to talk about it, be it with anyone you fully trust. Remember that you can’t dodge it forever. It would take time but you must push yourself to get there, so you could start pulling yourself, again, together.

2. It does not make you look weak.

Acknowledging that you are hurting is a very courageous thing to do. It is not easy. Knowing the things that hurt and will probably hurt you is more of your survival weapon than your death note. You would know which type of people you should not invest yourself again. Failing to acknowledge your pain can lead to its repetition.

3. It would help you become a better person for others.

You would not want other people to experience what you went through, right? Yes, revenge is out of the picture. If you acknowledge your pain, you would realize that revenge will not do good things for you. It would only prolong your hurting. Instead, you would know the ways you should not treat people for you will see yourself in them. You would try your best to not be the cause of such pain to the people around you.

4. Finally, it would help you become a better person for yourself.

Acknowledging your pain comes with the awareness that your well-being is important. It would lead you to self-love and self-care. You would realize that your happiness should not be dependent on other people. Your happiness should be radiating from within you.

The process of acceptance is a difficult one and would not happen overnight. But knowing the things that you would gain once you start your journey may help you in overcoming the difficulties of it. No pain is invalid, remember that. You can take as much time, but you need to overcome it in the end.

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