by Hazeline Joy Coruña | shared on He Said, She Said |

I know you’ve warned me
I know i shouldn’t but i still did
I have fallen so hard in love with you
And i just don’t know what to do
You’ve shed all of my walls down
And here i am silently bleeding on the ground
You’ve made me so happy
And showed me how to be free
You’ve made me laugh so hard
And showed me the real me

But things have changed
And i just don’t know why
You’ve gone so cold and i just can’t ask you why

All i know is I’m starting to lose you
And it’s like paper cut on my skin
Or my toe bumped into a huge abandoned rock
Or a knife stabbed and twisted in my heart
Or the sting of the hottest coffee on my tongue tip

Your name is still the loudest noise inside my head
And God knows even my favorite music can’t shut you out, it never did

I know i can get through this
But right now i just want to feel this pain
The pain that will make me remember
That once i have loved a heart so broken that unconsciously shattered mine too.

– Your Crazy Bee –

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