Someone to call my own

by Carmi Digno | shared on He Said, She Said |

I dont need a perfect love story.
It’s okay to quarrel,
To have Short misunderstandings and
Couple of fights.
All i need is a love that i can call mine.

I envy those who can show off the world
That they are full of bliss being together,
To couples who can walk in the park with their
Hands tied with one another,
To partners who post their photos in their
Social media accounts and
To those who easily admit that they are indeed
Love birds.

But mine is just another story.
Ours is full of feigns and lies.
Our love is hidden.
Our relationship is a secret that nobody knows.

We walk in separate ways so nobody would know.
We act as if we were friends long time ago.
We are like actors every time the spotlight is on us.
We pretend to be strangers and not lovers.

I don’t need a perfect love story.
I just wanted someone to call my own
No buts, no ifs, no hesitations, no rules,
No conditions, and no one in between.
I just wanted to have that kind of love
I call mine.

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