Sunrooms as Seamless Extensions of the Living Space

Living Space

HeSaidSheSaidPH.comAfter about a decade of living in the first home, most families have grown in size and discovered that their house has become a bit tight. However, many of them aren’t ready yet to sell their home and move into a bigger house so the next best option proves to be adding an extension of their existing living space. 

Adding more space is exactly what a family needs to lead a more comfortable life and by utilizing the hidden potential of their homes, there are great things that can be done. One such solution is building a sunroom that will not only expand the existing square footage but it will also enhance the beauty of the home and increase its functionality.

Sunroom extensions are one of the most cost-effective home improvement projects as it offers more versatility and visibility than traditional additions. The following tips reveal the most important considerations to bear in mind if you decide that a sunroom extension is what you want.

Construction considerations

Structurally speaking, a sunroom extension is a sensitive project due to numerous issues with damp and temperature optimization in the past. The struggle to keep the sunroom moisture free and comfortable both in hot summers and cold winters was the main reason why many homeowners decided against building sunrooms despite their beauty and functionality. 

However, nowadays with more advanced materials and construction techniques that include high-quality insulation and prefabricated steel formwork, sunrooms come in all shapes and sizes, are easily and quickly installed and in combination with proper ventilation and thermal-resistant glass, they have become one of the most successful home addition projects.

Types of sunroom extensions

One of the most favourite types of sunroom construction is the peaked roof style that can be designed so it follows the lines of your existing home and with large windows, it blends seamlessly with the lush landscaping.

If you’re looking to add more visual interest to your home than a classic bump-out, you might opt for an angular design sunroom with wrap-around windows that will bring in tons of light all year round. Or you could go with an even more distinctive architectural feature such as a cupola that can bring a great mix of old times flair with the new modern design.

Sunrooms are a great addition solution for country houses as well as they will give the overall design more structure and interest. A gazebo-style structure that takes its inspiration from a grain silo will look beautiful extending from the main living space. 

Interior décor

When it comes to the interior décor of your sunroom, there are no limits to what you can do, just bear in mind what you will be using the space for. Sunrooms are a perfect entertainment spot and for large families with many friends, it makes an ideal place for setting up a large wooden table with plenty of seating and great views of the greenery all around.

With the abundance of natural light coming into your sunroom, bright and cheerful colours will make a great contrast and even make the room appear bigger. Go for yellow, green, teal, purple or orange when you pick the accessories.

Even with all the sunlight getting in, you should provide a few artificial light sources as well when you spend time there in the evenings. A crystal chandelier will add a look of luxury as well as provide the necessary light, but you can also go with pendants and floor lamps. Install a light dimmer so you can control the amount of light and for special nights of romance, light up a few scented candles. Once the summer is over and colder weather sets in, a built-in electric fireplace is an excellent solution for creating a warm ambience. 

Building a sunroom as an extension of your living space is a great way to add more room for your family and enhance the existing beauty and value of your home.

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