Thank you for the memories

by Blue Rose | shared on He Said, She Said |

To the person I chose and left and hurt the most, I’m really sorry!

Forgive me for keeping you hanging. Forgive me for giving up on you.
Maybe you hate me for not saying goodbye and not giving you the reasons why. But I had to do it because if i didn’t, you will not let go of my hand.
I really value what we had but there were things that needed to stop.
Maybe you will call me selfish but I had to do what’s right for both of us because staying together is no longer good for us.
It would be a hard pill to swallow but there are things that need to be apart in order to grow and it’s like us.
I hope that in the future you will find in your heart to forgive me.
Know that deep in my heart I want you to be happy.
Thank you for the memories.

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