The Knight and His Armor

by M-Line | shared on He Said, She Said |

Dedicated to: R MYLOVES

I saw the pain through those eyes
I saw the madness and the lies
I feel the anger, then the cries
I feel the hope and faith that dries

Sadness and disappointment filled your heart
All you want is a brand new start
You fought the beast behind the man
Sunshine rise, storm has done

Moving forward isn’t that easy
Especially when you are not free
Looking forward wouldn’t get you ahead
One day, you’ll understand what I said

Conquer your nightmares and your fears
Even if it’s price is a gallon of tears
A new version of man will uncover
Just never forget good traits that shall cater

It was a relief to see you smile
Doesn’t matter if I have to walk a mile
I just wanted to unlock your armor
With many good memories to savor

Strong and tough, that is you
Loving and sweet… Is it too?
You make me smile when I feel blue
You are special to me, which is true

Today may not be the best chapter
For sure, the next page would be better
Happy ending will follow later
And you will live happily ever after

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