The One Who Inflicted Pain

by B&B | shared on He Said, She Said |

Hi. I hope you’re doing well.

But how about the person you left?

Have you given him the chance to know what has gone wrong? Why did things happen the way it did? Have you explained why you just suddenly disappeared?

No. You left him hanging. Mulling over thoughts that are not healthy for him. Projecting a happy facade but deep within, his heart is yearning. Yearning for you to talk to him and let him know why. Why the then “us” became “you and me.”

The promise of a “journey together” became doing it “alone.” He helped you, be who you are now, and yet you ruined him. He was once full of life, full of joy, a person with energy so pure and now you left him in pieces – unable to fix himself alone.

Why don’t you at least tell him that you’re with someone now? Why keep him in the dark?

I hope what you did won’t happen to you as well. Because you know, karma is a b*tch.


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