To the girl who left him

by Sten Abueva Miflores | shared on He Said, She Said |

To the girl who left him
He will come to my house to tell me stories,
The stories about you that left a mark like a mystery.

He will act as if he is all well,
when truth is, you hurt him bad as hell.

He will cry when no one is around,
Because it is only you who he couldn’t found.

The tears that passes through his cheek,
Strikes into my heart giving me a triple shit.

Those fake smiles that he shows to everyone and me,
are flat and plain and hurt, you think I didn’t see?

And then, he came to me saying I love you,
I couldn’t tell if he is seeing me or still you.

I don’t know if I have to be grateful,
He’s with me, but he’s still into you, heart and soul.

To the girl who left him in the darkness alone,
I embraced him despite of the loneliness in dawn.

To the girl who left him in the air above
You know you don’t deserve his love.

But why is it still you when I am here?
Why do I always have this terrifying fears?

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