To The Person Behind Every Piece I Write

Extinguished Soul To The Person Behind Every Piece I Write

I’m sorry if I no longer write about you as often as I did before. It’s not because I grew tired of you or because I have already found someone new. It’s not because you’re no longer my prose nor my poetry, but because my hands are getting weak and I’m running out of ink. And so I have to limit my words and make sure that every word I’ll write to you will bring you happiness, not pain. Just like that APA style paper I used to write back in college.

I’m sorry if I can no longer compare you to the brightness of the stars nor to the beauty of the moon. It’s because my words will never be enough to compare and describe you, for you are the universe and you are beyond perfection.

I’m sorry if my love is the only thing I can offer. I know it’s not too much, but I hope it’s enough make you feel worthy and special. I hope it’s enough to put paint a thousand emotions, and to put a perfect smile on your face.

Darling, it may be hard for me to write another piece again. Worse, I might stop writing forever. I don’t know how long this will last, but one thing is certain. I love you beyond words can explain and even if I stop writing, I promise to love you as long as my heart is beating.

Words by: Perf Silvestre

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