What we could have been

by Anonymous | shared on He Said, She Said |

I want to know everything about you
As we venture into a universe of our own
A universe where I am yours and you are mine
A universe where time would still
While we gaze into each other’s eyes

Tell me your deepest fears and aspirations in life
I wish I could be a part of that
A part of your future that I would want to wander into
I don’t want anybody else, I tell you
Only you would suffice

This is what we could have been
If only… If only you were there to stick up for me
If only I was brave enough
to tell you how much you mean to me
If only you knew
If only you were the one for me

Please, give me a chance
I never wanted this
I never wanted to lose what we had
But what is there to lose
If nothing even started yet?

You are now a distant memory
Of what happiness I had
Because you were the one that brought light
In my life that was in an eternal abyss
But I have to bid you farewell.

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