Will you keep a door open?

A guy tells you he has unsure feelings for you

A guy tells you he has unsure feelings for you, but wants a relationship. Or he’s seeing someone else and tells you to keep the door of your heart open for him. What would you do, girl?

He Said: Why would you consider leaving your heart’s door open for a guy who’s plain and simple “paasa?” Shut the door, please. He operates only with feelings — his very own feelings only — not yours or anybody else’s. When his feelings change, so will his mind. Don’t expect commitment as his unstable heart is bound to fail your expectations. If he can’t decide, say goodbye. Never settle for a vague “in a relationship thingy.” There are no “sort of” relationships. Either you are…or you’re not. Save some respect for yourself. It’s not a matter of being in so called modern times. You deserve clarity. Demand it. Ask for it. Let him decide. If he can’t, give your heart to someone who will.

Love is not about feelings. It’s about commitment.

She Said: Seriously? Ladies, please, if you encounter such person, run as far as you can. Don’t even give him a chance. Keep in mind that you are worth a fortune. So don”t settle for anything less. Besides, I know that the Lord has prepared the best for you. Because He gave me one 🙂

To-do today: Know that relationships are about commitment. Nothing less. Decide.

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