You and My Many Why’s

by Soulful Expressionist | shared on He Said, She Said

You are my every “why” now…
Why my mind goes blank when you stare at me.
Why I get butterflies and shivers everytime you are near me.
You are the reason behind…
“why am always smiling”
“Why am always at peace”
You are the reason…
“why it’s so hard to express my feelings”
“Why every waking moment is precious”
You are my every “why”now…
Why I sing in the shower again..
Why I dance in the rain…
You are the reason behind…
“Why am still breathing”
“Why I value my life more than ever before”
“Why I wanna live longer”
You are my every “why” now…
“Why I kissed my past goodbye”
“Why suppressing my admiration is a heinous crime.”
You are the reason…
“Why I believe in love again”
“Why stars are beautiful tonight”
“Why sunrise has become my new paradise”
“Why sunset became a memory”
You are my every “why” now…
Why I wrote this piece.

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