You are not a failure

winner failure

by Meldrid | As you’ve made mistakes, you’ll easily mark yourself as a failure. Then, you keep having this state of mind blaming the kind of life that you have right now. That reality of life sucks you hard. We both know that we are aware that when you commit a mistake it is a choice, but when you tell yourself that your life is a failure, it is your fault.

Because if you are actually wide-awake when you commit mistakes, you’re able to do some ways to put these mistakes in the right places.

We can’t control our lives, but life has a lot of choices. It’s full of these things. That’s why if you are not committing risks in your life; well, expect that you will not be failing. Live the life that He was given free to you. Life is too short.

Ika nga, “choose the correct answer”.
Choose your path. You have the right to draw your own path. Make it colorful, gals. Smile!

You are not a failure.

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