You Used Me Until I Was Dry

by SCC | shared on He Said, She Said |

Why was it always like this when it comes to us?
Just a little time and effort is all I ask.
You gave me love; you said that.
I loved you too much; I did that.

Everything became a lie when all was said and done.
Everything fell apart when you said, you tried.
I’ve fallen apart since you’ve been gone.
But you said that you’re feeling’s gone.

It wasn’t because you didn’t love me.
It was because you can’t love me back.
I said I was sorry I broke you before,
You said it was okay, that’s why you’re back.

I was hoping this will last a lifetime,
I guess for us it wasn’t the right time
I loved you since day one,
But you lied to me since first night.

You shouldn’t have come back if you can’t stay.
‘Cause staying is like promising, to be with me until the day I die.
You were too truthful when you said you wanted me back.
I was a fool to believe you were a joker.

When you said you tried,
Something in me was broken.
You made me realize,
I was the girl you’ve foresaken.

It was all revenge on your part,
You used me until I was dry.
You left me when I’ve fallen apart.
It was all you did to ruin my heart.

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