You walked into the room

by Den-den Legaspi Tolentino | shared on He Said, She Said |

I did not think that I would still be able to feel such overwhelming happiness again. I reduced the purpose of words into desribing how gloomy my feeling was and how fragmented my insides were, because I became too conclusive, and decided that it was all I was ever going to be—sad.

But you walked in the room.

You walked in the room revitalizing every wilted part of me with poetry. You really have a way with words, I must say. You have this depth within you that I want to explore no matter the darkness. I do not know what awaits me down there but I do not care. I want to know the source of the carefully woven words you speak, because I know, it is the depth within you that gives them their emotional rawness and power.
Your gaze have the power to heal even the deepest of cuts and smoothen even the most exuberant of scars. Your presence is able to shed light even in a person’s darkest corners, where light never had the chance to exist.

It’s incredible how you are able to do these by just being yourself.

You have revivified the withering remains of the daffodils and daisies and roses I have inside of me, bringing back all the gone butterflies, as they disperse immense happiness from the flutter of their wings. Gone are the words of regret and heartbreak. Seamed are the tears. Filled are the interstices.

For the first time, I feel mended and whole.

But then I know things are ephemeral, and this, too, shall end before I even know it. There will come a time that the words will wane and the flowers will once again become limp. And if that time comes, when you decide to stop tilling the flowers and firing me with words, I hope you tell me. At least that way, I would be able to ready myself for whatever is coming next. For the crash, for the break.

Because if you do not, I think I will wane with the words and die with the flowers.

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