Suddenly, we were strangers again

by Rhia D. | shared on He Said, She Said |

Suddenly, we were strangers again.

To the man i once loved, I hope you are able to read this. I will not mention your name.

We met in the most unexpected way. I used to hate u, i used to ignore u. But u did all the ways for me to be close to you. We became friends, we met in person, we talked, we laughed, you smile, i fell.

Things happened so fast, one day I hated you, the next day I’m telling you how much I love you.

Days, and months passed. We have gone through ups and downs.

Behind all that, you always tell me how much you love me, how much you care, that you will never leave, you will never get tired. You would only have your eyes on me, and no matter what, you wont give up. You told me we’ll grow old together, have silly kids, travel the world, die together.

But what happened to us?

Did u really mean those words?

Until one day, you said you’re tired, you want something more.

Something more? I gave my all. I’m I not enough?

It hurts. It hurts that you made me feel worthless, it hurts after all those things you said, all the memories we had, you left me hanging.

I was lost while you trying to find yourself.

I love you, that’s why I let you go. I let you go because i know you dont love me like u used to.

It hurts, its breaking me into pieces.

After our break up, you told me you wont ignore me, we’ll be friends, you’ll be there, no hard feelings.

But no, you didn’t keep your words.

In trying to talk to you, and you trying to ignore me.

We were once so in love with each other.

Suddenly we were strangers again.

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