You’re Starting to Change

by Anonymous | shared on He Said, She Said

You’re starting to change.
I know it will happen.
I’m used to it
You will also leave me,
I can feel it
you’re just like them
just like him.

Why did I make it happen?
Im really such a fool

I’m starting to believe you.
Saying that you like me.
Love me.

I’m starting to like you too
but I guess its too late
Maybe because
you already get what you want.
Am I right?

And now
you’re just pretending to like me
Please, just spill it out
You don’t love me anymore ,right?
Say it.

So I can throw your poem
that you made.

Yes. I keep it,
Hoping that what you write
will last.
Your sugar coated poem
that make my heart believe in love again.
But I guess I’m wrong
I’m wrong again.

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