A Tiff of Pain

by Maria Jomabelle Catubay | shared on He Said, She Said |

A broken heart is nowhere to be found
But a lost heart is everywhere to be found
Striving for people who don’t crave for us
Disappointed by people who never expected us
Ashamed to people who never notice us
It’s like buying bikini in winter days
Claiming things that will not help us through the phase
Claiming emotions that shouldn’t be felt
Realizations that we don’t put in act
Actions that we couldn’t stop
Choices that fools us
Decisions that relies us
But we never questioned ourselves
Thinking we’re right
Claiming we’re fighting for something
Clueless that we’re just chasing for nothing
Considering forever as pain
With no shame,
Accepting we’re fool
For being a tool,
Of love I should say

Pain is my companion
Knowing I’m just an option
Seeing you happy without me
A threat it is for me
Afraid that one day,
A stranger we will be
Curious if one day,
You will miss me

You asked me to stay away
So I did
Acting you don’t exist
Makes me extinct
Shattered heart
Curious mind
Thinking, what are we?
Trusting with doubts
Loving with shame
Is this even right?

A choice for me is made
Either to stay or stray
But it isn’t about the choice
Stay or stray, one feeling won’t change
It’s the pain I will take

I have nothing to say
I just want you to stay
Our dreams is what I chase
For that is what I crave
I am lost by loving you
But found myself in you

We’ll fix this mess
For that’s the best
Fall in love
All over again
Forget the past
But let memories live
Forget the pain
But never the lesson
Lesson that will make us better
In this relationship we’re in

We gave each other chances
By our own mistake
But never to this relationship
That makes us stay

Ill never leave you like you never made me happy
Ill never forget you like you never made me excited
Ill fight for i know you are still holding on,
Ill chase cause there is a chance
Ill trust you cause I have instincts

And if this love fails
At least I wont regret
That I never tried
To be the best
Though all this pain
Gave me gain
To stay away.

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