Until the end babe

by Christelyn Calizar | shared on He Said, She Said |

I prayed for someone like you before you came, and God didn’t fail me for that. The flames inside your eyes serve as the stars in my night skies, you light up my world when the sun refuse to shine, you became the body of my soul and the apple of my eye.

You awaken that cold-hearted girl inside me, you proved that you’re worthy for my love. You know that fears coat my heart from the very start. You know that I’m afraid that one day, you’ll left me behind.

But you proved me wrong. You erased my doubts, you break my walls. You treat me like your queen.

Even though I know that I’m not yet ready to handle this kind of situation, I willingly embrace this strange feeling rushing through my soul. And I don’t regret anything for trying.

Something maybe hard to believe, that a cold hearted princess turned into a caring one who’s willing to be a queen of yours.

You gave me the story that I used to fantasize, you played the leading man that I used to idolize and you played a role in my life that no one can do better.

But you light up my world as quick as you gave dark on it. You mend my broken pieces as quiet as you shatter them again, you came into my life all of a sudden as fast as you leave me behind at the same time.

You left me puzzled with many questions unanswered and will never be answered. Questions that continiously playing around my head and poisoned me.

Now, I can’t do anything but to stare at your back and count the steps that you take while walking away from me.

It’s a struggle not to wait for your text everyday telling me to take care, it’s a grief not to see your angelic face and hear your relaxing voice that I used to love and adore and it’s hard to think and accept that the man of my dreams that once mine, will just stay in my memories nothing more and nothing less.

I know the fact that walls of distance lies between us. But babe, I’ll wait until these walls will be broken by the flames that once lit by our burning love. I’ll wait until the sun refuse to shine, until the raindrops evaporate as the water in the oceans go with the wind and dry the tears that stain human’s cheeks, until the moon lost its capacity to view a silhouette, until the air we breathe becomes smoke as the love between all human beings burn and turns into coal. I will wait for you until the world falls into tiny pieces as it stop rotating to its axis.

I love you from the start and I will always will till death do us part.


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