Attraction, Distraction or Destruction?

Hindi lahat ng dumarating
ay kailangan mong pansinin.
Lalu na’t meron ka pang kapiling,
Isa-isa lang dapat ang pagtingin.
At kung makulit, ano’ng gagawin?
Heto na marahil ang sagot. Basahin:

He Said: Feeling pogi? That’s what guys usually feel when there’s someone you feel eyeing you. I guess, it’s the same for girls na humahaba ang hair kung may nagpapahiwatig ng pagtingin. Then if there’s this mutual attraction going on, you tend to think, “is it worth the risk of losing what you already have?”

Being attracted to someone is natural, even if you’re with someone. But when you start acting on that innocent attraction, alarm bells should be ringing. A lot of what ifs will resonate in your head. What to do? The best thing is to evaluate fairly what you have. Is your relationship going to level up or is it stagnant or always on the rocks? Not all relationships are perfect. But if both of you have committed to work on it, stay. If you have no label, ask for a commitment — otherwise, leave. If you’re still not sure what to do, pray for God to guide you. He’ll make a way.

She Said: You have to be very careful if someone comes along while you’re in a relationship. You might think you have found the right one at the wrong time. Think again. Is a simple attraction actually worth risking what you built for years? My dear friends, giving in to a simple attraction could lead to distraction which will eventually be the destruction of your long term relationships. So isip isip muna, and when you’re confused, pray. It would be your best ally.

Have a great weekend. God bless us all! .

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