Bottomless ka din ba parang Iced Tea, Bes?

Bottomless ka din ba parang Iced Tea, Bes?
Minsan kasi, dapat mauntog ka din
dahil sa kakabigay mo, di na siya matuto.

Forgivess should be done when someone asks for it.
Now, if the act is done repeatedly and hurts so much already,
it’s time to reconsider.

Forgiveness seems to always be expected, even when people aren’t actually sorry. It’s used and abused and it’s time for people to stop falling prey to false promises. If you know you’re never going to actually be able to forgive and forget someone’s act, don’t. Put yourself first and remove those bad feelings from your life. When you’re completely ready to forgive, then do. Eventually, you’ll need to move on fully and forgiveness can be done even without telling that person. It’s your heart that you should be worried about.

Forgiveness is one, forgetting is another. You can always forgive but to forget is not that easy. But yes, eventually you forget the hurtful and painful feelings. Ask for God’s healing. It shall be done.

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