Buti pa ang T-Shirt, may label.

Buti pa ang T-Shirt, may label. Pero tayo wala.
Sounds familiar?
Here’s what we say…

He Said: If your relationship has no label, then there’s no relationship at all. It’s already a bad situation to be in a complicated relationship. But one with no labels means no commitments. So if you are in one (or you have a friend who’s in one), expect a lot of heartaches to happen. Because you feel “it just happened” — it’s enough excuse to be left hanging. You feel so “bitin.” Like there’s something lacking. A sense of commitment is not present so anytime, one can easily walk away. If that’s the arrangement you want, then go ahead. Prepare to feel lost, used and taken advantage of. That’s what being in a trial relationship feels. Thus, if you want to have the proper label, ask to be formally courted. Not through text, chat, or a casual hello. True love takes time to blossom. Commitment is what makes you stick it out no matter what.

She Said: A no label relationship is unstable, disappointing, can be tiring and confusing. People who are afraid of commitment settle for this, and ladies are normally on the losing end. Why?

1. Jealousy should be thrown out the window because you have no right.
2. You can’t introduce him to your family as “my no label partner.” Your parents will freakout 😜
3. No relationship, no rules.
4. It’s a clear statement that until he finds someone else, he will “hangout” with you.
5. He’s not really serious.

There maybe a thousand more reasons, but let’s stick to the most obvious. So better keep this in mind before you have a heartbreak.

Let them know your worth. Mag antay ka lang. Dadating din si Mr. Right. Keep on praying and everything will fall into place. Life is beautiful, enjoy it. God bless everyone. Happy weekend .

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