Clingy? Need space?

Clingy? Need space? That’s a relationship challenge. It’s really a problem when your partner is clingy and you’re not — or vise versa. So how do you go about it? Here’s what we think:

He Said: Every relationship is composed of two individuals. Yup, two distinct human beings from two completely different backgrounds and upbringing. Coming together, usually with two opposite personalities, seems easy at the onset of a budding relationship. As time goes on, one demands more time from the other while the other demands more space. Understanding that you are STILL individual people is key to surviving this phase. Remember, even as married couples, you’ll encounter the same predicament. Thus, make sure to give your full trust to each other. Without it, what’s the point in staying together? Let each other grow. Go out with friends — both as couples and individually — or even as a family. That’s all there is to it. You are one, then made as one. later, you’ll be comfortable with both your little freedoms. It’s a healthy thing. It will even make you miss each other once in awhile, ok?

She Said: S P A C E . . . Everyone needs space. Be it at work, family, friends, but most especially when you’re in a relationship with someone. Nobody wants to be checked every hour, or report to somebody where you are, and what you are doing. This is common to a newly built relationship, but over doing it will make the party concerned like a prisoner. No one wants to be in a prison cell relationship. So take it easy guys. Trust is the key to avoid checking on someone endlessly. Chill. It’s refreshing to have alone time once in a while. Give it so you can have it in return. Life is beautiful and simple. Enjoy and don’t complicate it. God bless everyone .

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