Can I Be The One?

Can I Be The One
by JC Cuales
Everytime I see you.
I wanted to ask you a question.
Please correct me if I’m wrong.
Am I seeing an angel or your just really beautiful?
It wasn’t love at first sight.
I never knew that moment.
My heart has been stolen.
And now you’re all I want.
Glimpsing at you it became my habit.
I often think about going to you and starting a conversation.
I want to hold back my pride and confess to you.
But I always freeze and stared blankly somewhere else.
Every song you sing.
I’d wish you sing it just for me.
In all your stories I’ll be the one you talk about.
Can I be the one?
I need a unique charm to appeal to you.
But I know it’s not possible.
‘Cos I’ve never existed in your eyes.
And you’ll never look at my way.
I hope you notice me.
Would you also sometimes think about me?
Because I’ve always been patiently waiting.
Can I be the one?
I wish I could play pretend.
Your hand is not too far to hold.
I’m not afraid of your rejection.
I’m brave enough to confess.
I kneel down under the moon at night.
To be able to steal the heart of an angel.
I might not be the right and perfect person.
But I can be the better person, can I be the one?

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