Celle Que J’aime – The One I Love

by B&B | shared on He Said, She Said |

A man with principle,
A man with word
A man who is whimsical
A man who obeys the Lord.

He might be just anyone
He might be someone
He might be nothing
But he will be my everything.

The one who knows me
One who understands me
The one who can tease me endlessly
And yet, i won’t be angry

Like a father, he’ll be my guide
Like a brother, he’ll be my crazy tad
Like a friend he’ll be my strength
Be my lover, everyday, until the end.

Will scold me like a little child
Especially for acting wild
Will hug me, afraid of letting go
Acts like it’s the last day, well who knows?

He who has a big heart
He who has a great mind
He who is meek but never weak
Oh, he deserve all the best treat

Believes that everything will be fine
Assures he can handle everything and not whine
Lets everything be laid in God’s hands
Trusts His will, and walks with a big smile.


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