by Mona Rea Cabalo | shared on He Said, She Said |

Today, I have laid my eyes on you.
I have noticed how your eyes seem to blink
quite as often as you speak
Like how stars blink and light up the dark and cold night sky.

I have noticed how your cheeks curled everytime you speak
How your lips slowly moves away itself to make a smile;
And here I am left mesmerized

I notice how your jawline is perfectly constructed
and I thank God for being that great engineer,
I am left wondering how your face makes me be at peace;
I could watch you all day.

But, as the shy girl that I am,
Whenever you glance at my side,
I slowly lower down my sight, then looking right,
pretending as if I were not looking.
But dear, if that wasn’t the case,
I would been looking at you quite longer than I should be.

When you talk I’d control my smile. Making sure
I give the right reaction to every phrase you utter,
Just so you wouldn’t notice how I could smile
the whole time just hearing your voice.

When I talk I make sure I don’t stare too much in your eyes,
I blink away to your ears, to your hair, at your lips,
somewhere else I’d look at
Just so I could be sure you’d not notice how I am mesmerized
by those eyes that seem like the beautiful starry night

There was once, I made you laugh so hard
of a joke I said, my heart leaped.
That night, I could never sleep.
Thinking of how many jokes I could give you
just to make you laugh, how;
I would stack up all the jokes I remember
so I can present them all to you when we’d see each other again.
Because making you laugh would be like building a career;
it would be fulfilling.

Making you laugh is the greatest aim my Id has ever wished for;
My superego never complained.
My Ego has never been this whole
everytime your laughter lingers into my ears.

Darling, I could go on days imagining you liking me.
Daydreaming. Whispering to my head “you could like me too”.

But I know friendship would never go farther with us.
but dear, I have severed a long list of heartaches of unrequited love,
I hope this unrequited love would be worth it.

But even if this is unrequited,
You know as a child, I had wishes that were granted.

Just in case, it might slip in your mind, please, just this time,

I hope, Love, my wish will be granted.

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