Déjà vu

Déjà vu

by Silentwolf

The story of my past is about to end,
This might be the start of a new;
Yeah I knew, I need to do it so and stop to pretend.
I need to wear the smile I used before.
I need to find the old me at the back of the door.

I open it and start searching,
But in very corner of the room I see myself crying.
Cause all those damages from you is still visible,
That pushes me better get vanish like invisible.

You leave a lot of marks,
That keeps me in the dark.
You leave a lot of questions in my mind.
That makes my heart tears with blood.
How sad you choose you and me to be apart.

Staring myself in front of the mirror.
Asking the destiny what all of this for,
For I don’t believe that our love is gone.
It is really for us to say we’re done and goodbye?
If yes, then why I’m still here, I rather want to die.

Cause I thought our love is stronger than I imagine,
That no one can break us even the strike of lightning.
But it was a big mistake,
Now I’m alone with myself and having some debate.

I need to trash all the pain,
I need to fix myself, my heart again.
Cause the story of my past is about to end,
This might be the start of a new;
Yes I need to and stop to pretend.

From now on, I’m moving on.
I need to claimed, that I moved on-
From damages of the past,
But the ache, remain for last.

Now I realize those wounds and injuries wins.
But I need to stand for the fight that about to begin.
A fight to fight again the memories of the past, like a new.
And I’m doing this again and again like déjà vu.

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