by Wan G

It started with a problem, a simple one
You wanted to leave, you wanted to run
Then by overthinking, complications begun
You are passionate about sorrow, you misses the fun
A monster in your head has awaken,you’re doing none
But to think you have to kill it, by using a gun

A well known disease, that most of us fear
It has taken lives, close to a million per year
Hidden in plain sight, you can’t notice they’re near
Struggles they are dealing with, wanting to disappear
Understanding is what they need, please don’t sneer
Be their eye opener, page turner, let’s wipe their tears

You always feel the pain, hatred and sufferring
Disappointments, failures, regrets and losing
You might have the worst cards, but keep on playing
Focus on the brighter side, intensify the littlest thing
Build up! Cheer up! Life is amazing
Remember, no one knows what tomorrow could bring

Allow yourself to make another start
“You can win this.” Put that in your heart
Gather every pieces that’s been torn apart
Never think that you are pulling the heaviest cart
It’s just a minot setback, c’mon! Be smart
Your life is not a mess, appreciate the art

God has given you a unique gift for a reason
Strenght! You are strong enough to be a champion
Use it and trust yourself, without any question
Leave your worries behind, focus on your mission
You’ve been through hard times, use it as a weapon
You have nothing to lose, be strong in every situation

Yes, you’ll sometimes feel like you don’t matter
And that nothing you can do, you’re stuck in danger
Alone in the dark, you can hear yourself whisper
But you have to be mindful, you have to be clever
Negative thoughts don’t have to rule you forever
And ending your life will never be an answer

You need someone to help you
You need someone to talk to
But the help you’re searching is just within you

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