First One

by Ma. Carmela Calabon | shared on He Said, She Said |

I don’t know where to start.
Either how to begin,
But they tell me to speak for what I feel
And I know it’s never ending.

Its been a year since I noticed you
Months, to get to know part of you
Couple of dates we made together
And makes me believe that you could be my forever.

Never thought to come this far
Never expect to what is now..
To all the things makes me decide to leave
I don’t know what’s your magic

Countless times I asked myself..
Doubts on every step I left.
Past that I never called a mistake
No regrets! that’s my heartbeat state.

Lost on the idea where this could lead us
Never to know when it will end
Not to wish you to promise me something
But it’s my pleasure for you to do everything.

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