Galaw galaw naman d’yan mga Bes

Have you moved on from a heartbreak or any forgettable experience? If not, how do you get back on your feet again, as if nothing happened?

Here’s our take…

He Said: It’s not that easy to move on. But we can stand up, and move forward no matter how slowly. It’s better than standing still. I have learned that we need others — and God — to be able to move forward with our lives and reach our potential, coming from unfortunate events. How? People (our friends and family) give us a piece of their strength at our weakest moments. They lift us up, give advice, and most of all, they listen. God gives us inner strength by lifting our core, our spirit. We can’t do it alone. If you need help in moving on today, tell someone, pray to God and unburden yourself. Do that daily till it hurts no more. Kahit pauli-ulit. When the hurts and pains have been poured out, fill yourself with new happy things. Replace sad memories with happy ones. Rest assured, you’ll be back on your feet again. It’s ok to grieve, but just for awhile. Life is too beautiful for you to miss out on the greater things (and a better someone) God has planned for you. Accept defeat. Stand up. Close the chapter. Move on. Ready?

She Said: Today is always a fresh start. There’s a reason why we wake up everyday feeling refreshed. It’s another day to move forward and a chance to do better, to correct the mistakes of yesterday, to be able to improve our lives. Everyday is a gift from the Lord full of opportunities and surprises. It’s up to us to discover all those wonderful treasures included in our day. We always ask for the day to just end if we are having a bad one and looking forward to a better tomorrow. So keep in mind that — “Today is the Tomorrow you were waiting for Yesterday.” Stay positive. Pray everyday for guidance and everything will be okay. God is faithful and He will never forsake us. Life is beautiful. May God bless us all .

To do today: Accept defeat. Stand up. Close the chapter. Move on.

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