Abuse in a relationship

Are you in an abusive relationship? Get out of it. Find peace. Find true love. Because abuse in any form has no place in a relationship.
We have had some messages on abuse in relationships. Here’s our take on such situations. We hope you can share this to friends and loved ones in similar predicaments. Read on.

He Said: Abuse in any form is not welcome in any relationship. This is not love. No excuses. This has to stop now. You have to have peace. That is the most important thing right now. God loves you so much, so does your family and friends. There’s a whole world out there waiting for you to come out of your shell. Life is more colorful than what you currently see. As a guy, a husband and a father, I have never lifted a finger at my wife nor verbally abuse her in the more than 25 years we’ve been married. All the hurts that is being inflicted on you is intentional. Is that love? In your situation, love seems to be a one-way street. It’s you giving love and not getting anything in return. As a father to 2 daughters, I’d be hurt a million times if this happened to them. I’d get them out of the relationship right away, no questions asked. If you’re in an abusive relationship, my advice now is for you to tell you parents first about your predicament. They need to know this. Please, for your loved ones’ sake, tell them. If you have a bestfriend, you too, can tell her about it. We can only advise you and pray for you. But you have to make the first physical step in reaching out to them. Get out of the relationship. Period.

Lastly, find yourself. Seek out who you are. Find your life’s purpose. Don’t seek your self in others. It’s not that you are nothing without them. You must be able to stand on your own and your own principles.

We hope that many more abused women will relate to this and heed our advice. Ask God now to come into your heart and give you inner healing and peace. Ask God to give you His strength for you to move forward. God loves you more than you’ll ever know. It’s time you experienced His great love. Pray unceasingly. Trust, believe and surrender everything to Him. His plans are perfect. He will lead you to the Right One. God bless you!

She Said: Being in an abusive relationship is wrong. You should get out at the first sign of abuse. Be it physical, emotional or verbal. Love should be the opposite. Why will you hurt the person you love? Abusers will tell you they hurt you because they love you. Abuse is also a cycle. There is a honeymoon stage where everything is ok. Then when the abuse starts, and you tell him/her off, s/he will ask for forgiveness. Once you accept him/her back, s/he will think it’s ok to keep abusing as s/he will take you back again anyway. And the cycle goes on. Please think again. The first sign of abuse, cut the relationship off.

Will you abuse your loved ones? Probably not.

So my side on this is to talk to people closest to you (family), who can best help you. They will be your best ally in situations like this. They can be your best protector. But of course pray to God to help you give up this person no matter how much you love him/her. Keep in mind that you deserve better and the Lord has prepared someone you truly deserve. Wait for the right one. God loves you and He didn’t want you to suffer. So get up and move forward. Life is beautiful and simple. Enjoy and don’t complicate it. God bless everyone .

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