Handa ka na bang bumitaw? [It’s complicated]

Go figure what an “it’s complicated” relationship means.
But really, you would’ve wanted it to be simple, uncomplicated.
Why? Hope this helps…

Relationships are supposed to be for keeps. There are struggles, yes. But the commitment to make it work and make it perfect is there. But those who hang the “it’s complicated” sign on their chest are simply saying these 5 things:

1) I’m not exclusive. I’m open for a third party to take me away anytime.
2) I can bail out anytime I want, especially during tough times.
3) Don’t expect my full attention and time. We’re just hanging out with some “extras.”
4) I just like fun. But when I get bored, I’ll leave and find fun somewhere else.
5) You’re not yet worth it. Maybe in time you will. But for now, sorry.

Oh, and there’s this “Basta, di ko ma-explain, magulo pa kasi. Pero, tara, guluhin pa natin.”

A true-blue relationship has this sign written all over the couple: “committed to make this work, no matter what.” Simple. No complications.

Complicated ba kayo? Baka need mo nang bumitaw.

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