Memory gap o memory loss? [Nagpapaloko ka ba?]

Memory gap o memory loss?
Ilang beses ka na kasing niloko, go ka pa rin.
Untog mo na kaya yang ulo mo sa pader para ka magising?

He Said: Hindi sa lahat ng panahon, pagbibigyan ang ‘yong “mahal” kung sukdulan naman ang kanyang panloloko. Maybe, you can forgive. But after so many hurts, believe me, it’s going to be much harder to forget. Why? You’ve just built enough hurts to almost hate that same person you are supposed to love. Better to quit the relationship while there’s some love left and a little respect left for yourself. Don’t worry if you’ll be able to move on. You will. The earlier you move out of a hurtful relationship, the faster the healing. Mas mahirap maghilom ang mas malalim na sugat. If you’re near breaking point, ask God to intervene in your relationship. If that still fails, close the chapter, pick up the remaining pieces left in you, then ask God to heal you. God loves you. But first, you have to love yourself, ok? Think about it.

She Said: If someone cheats on you once, that is enough. But others are so forgiving for a second chance. But a third time is foolishness. I really don’t understand why they have to cheat if they can simply leave when they’re no longer happy. Maybe because they are afraid to be left alone in case the other one didn’t work out. Ladies, keep in mind that cheaters are cowards. So if somebody steals your man, just let her keep him. He doesn’t deserve you. Real men can’t be stolen because they are faithful . A blessed week to us 😍.

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