by Wednesday Sky  | shared on He Said, She Said |

The time has come for our ending
What awaits us is a new beginning
To you is a dream to pursue
For me is a life without you.

You want to serve God forever
And loving a girl is next to never
What shall I do?
This must be really God’s plan for you.

I have no rights in refusing you to go
Nor the courage to tell you so
I’m not your girl to say that
I know I will never be no matter what.

“Let him go”, as what other people say
‘Cause you’ll still continue come what may
Maybe, what they’re saying is right
It’s just the truth which I can’t fight.

I have thought of this long time ago
I prepared myself not to feel any sorrow
But now that the time has come
Pain envelops in all that I am.

To the Father I have given up
But the cry of my heart won’t stop
How can the mind explain to the heart
That there’s a new beginning she has to start?

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