Blame Me Not

by Joemar Mercado | shared on He Said, She Said |

A shoulder to lean on
A chest to cry on
A voice that keeps on reminding me to move on
Arms where I dont belong

Making me smile is your work of art
You always leave me with a joyful heart
But I dont know how to play my part
I felt sorry for letting this to start

I am not a pretender
I dont know how to pull my trigger
I dont want you to grab me closer
Coz I dont want this journey to get any farther

You fell in love with every piece of me
But I dont want to hurt you badly
You helped me discover the real me
Its that just we’re noy meant to be

I am happy when you are around
I really like you though you’re loud
Our friendship is something I will keep for a lifetime
But there are rivers that flows together
but will never intertwine

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