How to Design Your Apartment Like a Millennial

How to Design Your Apartment Like a Millennial

HeSaidSheSaidPH | How to Design Your Apartment Like a Millennial | This is the age of millennials, and as they slowly take over the real estate market, the interior design trends are also developing according to the desires of this generation. If you’ve wondered about the way their decorating styles look, we can say that a high-style, low-budget principle is one of their main ideas. Having a somewhat posh-looking home without breaking the bank is the foundation of every millennial’s home. Add minimalism and DIY projects, and you’ve got yourself a modern home that will make you feel comfortable and let you enjoy every moment in it.

Minimalism and straight lines

When it comes to decorating a millennial’s home, you’ll want to start from the functionality and utility of a space to focus on. Minimalism, in essence, hates any kind of clutter, which is why millennials strive towards it. Living in the digital era, where everything needs to be documented on phones, leaves no space for clutter. Every photo of a home that will get published online needs to look impeccable, featuring straight lines and clean cuts. Furthermore, millennials want to use every inch of the space they live in wisely and put it to good use, creating an illusion of spaciousness as a result. That’s why they’ll gladly invest in modular furniture, hidden storage units, and so on.

A fully tech-equipped interior

Millennials are the generation of technology, no matter where they live. Being born and brought up in the age of cell phones and the Internet created a generation that cannot spend a day away from their gadgets. That’s why technology managed to sneak its way into home décor and made smart hubs manage the entire household. To make sure you have all the 4K television, smart thermostat and other gadgets working properly, you’ll need to make sure you have the best-working Internet. One of the ways to do it is to get fiber optics in Jordan, or wherever you’re located, and have all of your smart devices and smart automation performing flawlessly.  Have seamless communication with smartphone apps and work from home without worrying your internet connection will slow down or go dead out of the blue. 

DIY is always welcome

Where there’s a millennial, there’s a DIY project lurking in the background. With so many tutorials going around YouTube and other platforms, millennials will inevitably find themselves elbows deep in a home project of some kind. That will partly happen because they are more socially conscious than previous generations. Millennials will gladly visit a garage sale or go to a vintage shop to invest in repurposed objects that will not only make their home look unique but add a personal touch to it as well. Preserving limited sources while keeping your hands busy and working your skills, is just one way to make a millennial’s home be one-of-a-kind. Whether it’s a homemade quilt or picture, an original headboard made from a wooden board, pallets or a tapestry from the latest backpacking trip, as long as they put some effort into making it, they’ll incorporate it into their home decor.

It’s all about the green feel

Clean and earthy tones are more commonly seen in millennials homes. Because they care for nature and Mother Earth so much, you’ll find plants and loads of greenery incorporated into the home décor. From succulents to snake plants, ferns and cacti, millennials enjoy bringing the outdoors inside. Finding ways to reconnect with Mother Nature often becomes the centre of their attention, which is why millennials constantly search for ways they can bring nature into the home. Aside from having lots of plants, they’ll also use organic materials for home décor items, as well as for walls and floors. Millennials are all about textures, so you’ll also find lots of mohair, canvas, boiled wool, sisal fabrication, boucle, and natural woods as a part of their interior design.

From minimalism to greenery all around the home and to incorporating DIY to your interior, it won’t be too challenging decorating a home according to millennials’ taste. Go through all of the previously mentioned suggestions, and you’ll definitely find at least one that will go great with what you’ve had in mind when you first thought about home decor a la millennial.

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