I have given you all of me. Why is it that for you, forever is not enough?

“I have given you all of me. Why is it that for you, forever is not enough?” If you can you relate to this, then there’s something we need to talk about.

He Said: This is worse than being clingy. It’s pure obsession. It’s bad, period. Love is not possession. You don’t “own” your partner. It’s a relationship built on love which is giving and taking. Everything is mutual and not one way. When your partner demands more than you can give, it’s time to talk. And if you’re the demanding person, stop. You will soon reach a breaking point. Thus, start with regular talks. Understand each other’s feelings. Be more trusting. If both parties keep on giving without expecting to receive, then obsession dissipates. Pray for each other, and pray together as a couple. God will guide you and bless your relationship. But if everything reaches a tipping point and you think you need to let go, then by all means, please do. Leave while there is still love left. God bless you.

She Said: When you feel like you’ve given someone your best and it seems that it is still not enough, you’re probably giving it to the wrong person. It’s time to re evaluate your relationship. Why? Because when a person keeps on asking for more than what you can give, it will never be enough. You’ll eventually hit your rock bottom, and might end up hating. So before you reach the hating part, get out. You will never find real happiness in pleasing people who don’t even notice the slightest effort you make. “Mapapagod ka lang.” So why waste your time, if you can simply let go and pray for your God given someone. Who knows? That person is just in front of you all along. Stay happy everyone. Life is beautiful. Enjoy your weekend 😁.

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To do today: Let God be the glue that keeps you together..

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