Pa-fall din ba siya sa iyo?

Is someone giving you false hopes? Are you in a vague relationship where you’re the third party and the guy (or girl) says “wait lang ha?” Or this guy is always “paasa” or “pa-fall?” You gotta read this.

He Said: Ok, admittedly, guys are full of egos. That’s like steroids to keep guys pumped up. However, by the time guys reach their mid-20’s, they are supposed to mature and the lesser do they “collect and select.” Now, if you’re a girl reading this, just keep your eyes open and your hearts tightly guarded. The main signal that guys who are “paasa” and “pa-fall” are near you is that you’d see them in their most puppy-looking face — always pa-cute and papansin (yes, in a cute way haha). They are the playboy types and those who don’t commit. Obviously, most guys below 25 wouldn’t commit to a relationship that is supposed to be forever. They’ll tell you that it’s for keeps. Well, naniwala ka naman. So there. The best thing to do is to always make sure that first, ask to be courted properly. Huwag sa text at huwag sa kalye. Most likely, takot yan sa commitment kasi ayaw makilala ng parents mo at lalo na ng mga kuya mo.Then of course, pray for the right one. It’s that simple and it’s sure to be God’s plan.

She Said: A lot of times we misinterpret people’s actions. We sometimes confuse friendliness with flirting. Ladies are often the victim of mixed signals. Because men in general are egocentric. Sorry guys but this is “she said” nothing personal and it’s my opinion only. Ok, so women often fall for this and will end up hoping for nothing.

So here are some tips to avoid falling into the trap ng mga pa fall:

1. Don’t assume. Unless the guy tells you that he will court you, do not assume.
2. Stay away. The first sign you see that he is flirting with you, run 😝. Serious men will not flirt.
3. Be observant. Guys like this are easy to spot. They normally over react to you.
4. Pray. Ask God to always surround you with real people. Pray for the right one. God is preparing the best for you. Have a blessed week everyone 😘.

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