I’m finally letting you go

by Gaby Macaraeg | shared on He Said, He Said |


It’s been exactly 3 months since we ended everything we had. I just wanna say THANK YOU.

Thank you for the priceless memories we shared together. No one can ever take that away from me.

Thank you for this wonderful journey you have spent with me. I learned a lot of things that no money can buy.

Thank you for the heartache this incident had brought me because I learned to stand on my own and I was able to know who I really am. I became stronger and now, I’m not afraid to face things alone. It actually brought the best out in me.

Thank you because if this didn’t happen, I wouldn’t have the chance to meet wonderful people who taught me what cheap thrill was all about — appreciating little things.

Thank you because despite my imperfections, you stayed for awhile. You gave me happiness in every possible way you can. You became a part of me and made me into a person I am today. You know that you will always have a special place in my heart.

Lastly, I also want to say SORRY for the times I disappointed you because I didn’t meet your expectations.

Sorry for the stress, frustrations, and sleepless nights I may have caused because you were probably crying about me.
Sorry, I failed to be that guy you’ve always had in your dreams. I’ve always tried but I thought everything wasn’t just enough.

This is no drama. I just wanna let people know how grateful I am because I met someone like you.

So, I guess this ends here. This is it for me.

I wish you nothing but best in life. Always be happy, okay?

I’m genuinely happy to tell that I’M FINALLY LETTING GO. ‘til we meet again!

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