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Dear my Dy,

if-you-find-this-letterI couldn’t remember the last time I wrote to you. I guess it’s been quite awhile now. But this one doesn’t relay the same thoughts of all the letters I have given you before wherein I keep on roaming around the bush just to say I love you. For this time, I wanted to pour out all the words that I couldn’t say directly to you, because I’m too coward, I’m afraid that I might become too emotionally and messed it all up.

There is no easy way of saying this but I don’t think our relationship still works… to be honest for more than two years that we became in a relationship officially, lately it was never been stable. We don’t have constant communication, you spend more time with your friends. We’re too busy at work that even on our special days (our first anniversary esp.) we could not celebrate it together. You least prioritize us.

But I always tried to understand you, especially now that your family’s undergoing through a lot. What I can’t understand is the way you keep yourself distant from me. You no longer open up what’s going on in your days. You hesitate to say what’s bothering you and even worse you seem to ignore me, my texts and my calls you failed to answer.
Which shows that you don’t care about me, us anymore and it cuts deep within.

I know I’m way too sensitive when it comes to you. At your struggles, I wanted to be your strength but I don’t know why I can’t. Maybe my efforts not enough or maybe you just don’t let me be.

I don’t want to add on to your burden but I’m saying this to you, for I couldn’t discern if there’s still an us. I so badly want to work our relationship out but I can’t do this alone. I’m giving you the right whether or not Us is worth one more try. Or should we rest and let time make us realize if we are really meant for each other.

Whatever you choose, I will do my very best to understand. I hope it’s not too late for us. I’m saying sorry for all my lapses and thank you for everything.

I’ll always love you bear that in mind. Always.

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