Kailangan mo lang talagang pagdaanan.

Masakit talaga kapag ikaw ay iniwanan.
Mahirap mag move on pero alam mong dapat.
Kailangan mo lang talagang pagdaanan.
Basta ‘wag mo lang tambayan, di ba?

He Said: Never believe that promises are made to be broken. In fact, the real phrase is that “Never make promises you can’t keep.” In all relationships, this should be the case. It’s simply because a relationship entails a firm commitment. Then for whatever flimsy (or serious) reason it happens. The person leaves. What do you do? From the point of view of a guy, just carry on. But does it mean we’re not hurting? C’mon, guys feel the same hurt when a girl leaves us. It probably even hurts more. Our “macho” image dictates that we don’t show our brokenness when we’re really broken to bits inside. Ganun talaga. Lalaki nga eh. Di dapat umiiyak at nagpapakitang talunan. But hey, tao din kami na nasasaktan. Madalas lang kaming pagsabihan na mabilis daw maka move on. Mukha lang. Nakaka-lalaki kasi sa harap ng barkada. Mahina ka pag di ka agad naka bangon. So how to move on from a guy’s perspective? Accept that it happened. Charge it to experience — wala, talo eh. Look forward and never backward. It belongs to the past so you can’t change it. Evaluate what happened and learn from it. Then most of all, pray for healing. You can’t do it alone, bro. Kahit anong tatag mo, durog ka pa rin. Diyos lang ang kayang makapagbuo sa ‘yo. Makakalimot ka ba? Sorry pare, hindi. Yun lang, di mo na mararamdaman ang sakit pag ok ka na. So look forward to that day that you’ll be fully recovered. For now, baby steps. Start ka na.

She Said: Breakups are always hard wherein pain is almost unbearable. You feel like it’s impossible to move forward, because you’re still clinging to that last bit of hope that you can still fix it. When you are left fighting alone to save the relationship I think it’s time to give up. Yes it will hurt, but you have to feel the pain. There is no shortcut to getting better. Go through the process. How? Here are some steps which I think can help.

1. Deny. Deny all you want that it’s over. Sige deny mo pa. Di ka pa tapos? Deny pa more.

2. Get mad. Ok lang. Cry your heart out. And cry some more. Iyak ka lang hanggang mapagod ka.

3. Then it’s time to accept that it happened. Nangyari na period. So ibig sabihin tapos na.

4. Pray for healing and start moving forward. One day at a time. Decide that you are ready to let go and let God help you.

5. Forgive. Only then will you have complete peace. Forgive genuinely. You don’t have to say it aloud. Just forgive from the bottom of your heart.

6. Forget??? I don’t think so. You can never forget. But as time goes by you’ll just remember the situation but not the feelings anymore.

7. Be happy. Papayag ka ba na sya lang ang masaya? Happiness is the best part of this journey. Life is beautiful enjoy it. It’s simple so don’t complicate.

O ano? Daanan mo lang yan ha. Huwag mong tambayan. Wishing everyone a blessed weekend. God bless .

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